Las Cruces Automotive Window Tinting

Exactly why would you tint the glass of your car or truck? ATD Window Tinting & Graphics is aware that there are plenty of reasons why the men and women of Las Cruces and El Paso might decide to tint the windows of their machine.

We have all had the experience of leaving our vehicle out in the blistering sun for a few hours. You open the door and heat just comes out in waves. The air is so hot you can feel the heat as you breathe. The seats basically pull the sweat out of your body and the steering wheel can be too hot to handle. And what do you do when your vehicle gets like this? Roll down the windows, blast the AC and wait until the interior isn't a sauna. You waste expensive gas and battery power to make it bearable, losing time you could have used on other things. Think of all the money you just lost when you didn't need to. Having tinted windows can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 66%. Even on the hottest Las Cruces and El Paso days your car won't be as hot as it would be otherwise so you don't waste time or money.

Your car also becomes more comfortable to drive as it reduces glare. This increases the safety of your driving time as you will always be able to see the road. Most films have a SPF rating of 285 which means that your car and passengers are protected against harmful UV rays: the leading cause of skin cancer and car interior deterioration. And of course, tinted windows make any vehicle look sleeker. All our tinting films are precision formed with ComputerCut (our state of the art film cutting software) so our customers can be sure of a perfect fit whatever the type or model of vehicle they own.

Whether you are looking for a smart investment or to make your ride look and stay cool then we invite the people of Las Cruces and El Paso to come see us here at ATD Window Tinting & Graphics.