Las Cruces Residential Window Tinting

Windows can result in a tremendous drain on energy, and consequently, a serious spike in your energy bills. But with the simple installation of SolarGard window films by the experts at ATD Window Tinting & Graphics you can prevent over 80% of the sun's energy from entering your home, providing a cooler, more comfortable climate-without extra AC power. Window films also eliminate 99.9% of damaging Ultra-Violet rays, which destroys everything it comes in contact with: fabrics, curtains, furniture, photos, artwork, rugs, and skin. The energy savings are so significant that most window films pay for themselves within a few years.

Uneven temperatures, hotspots and intense glare are often unfortunate side effects to having windows in your home. SolarGard window films can significantly reduce all three of these problems and more, with its superior solar control properties. By helping to regulate your interior climate, Solargard window fims facilitates an even, consistent temperature. Plus, by softening the effects of harsh direct sunlight, you'll no longer be plagued with the strong glare that often bounces off television and computer screens.

Are you worried about warranty issues with your windows? Or perhaps the longevity of the window film itself? Be rest assured, SolarGard and ATD Window Tinting & Graphics provide the best warranty in the industry. Every install comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the film. For further peace of mind, ATD Window Tinting & Graphics Panorama window film installations come with a 5 year warranty against thermal fracture(glass breakage). So no matter the age of your home, brand new or older, your expensive windows, (yes even Low-E) are covered against thermal-fracture(cracking). So never let anything prevent you from installing SolarGard window films. ATD Window Tinting & Graphics and SolarGard have you covered!

You dont have to sacrifice your view or the appearance of your home in order to enjoy sun-related protection. Solargard window films come in a variety of shades that lend the perfect visual compliment to any home, while still allowing you to keep your blinds and curtains open all day. There are even privacy films available, which enable you to enjoy your windows without providing an intrusive view from the outside. Feel free to discuss your specific needs with ATD Window Tinting & Graphics and they will be able to help you select the ideal film for your home.

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