Las Cruces Skylight Covers

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any structure. Not only do they make a room more open but they reduce the need for non-natural lighting so you use less electricity. However, there is a drawback: heat transfer.  The heat transfer from skylights can actually make your home or business hotter than the exterior because the heat can become trapped. This is costing you significant money on your utility bill as your AC has to make up for this heat transfer.


 Don’t sweat it though, ATD Window Tinting & Graphics has got the people of Las Cruces and El Paso covered (literally) We are a full service provider of skylight covers to make sure that your skylights work for you, not against you. Our custom fit skylight covers are quick and easy to install and can reduce the heat transfer of your skylights by up to 90%. These covers are made of a high density, multi-mesh screen material which will not utterly obscure the light that you want from your skylights, like tarp covers. If desired, these covers can be kept on year round but they can also be easily removed in the colder months so that you gain as much heat from the sun as possible which, once again, helps your utility bill.


The next time you are in your house and wondering why it is so hot or when you look at your utility bill and wonder why it is so high remember ATD Window Tinting & Graphics We have the products to help you with those issues and a friendly staff that will work with you to get you exactly what you need.